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A competent assessment not only covers professional knowledge and experience, but also evaluates a candidate’s cultural fit. It also looks at the requirements and conditions of the role in the context of how the company and its market are developing. This requires specialist knowledge and industry expertise, which SUITS. Possesses and cultivates more than almost any other personnel consultancy in its field.

But we do not rely solely on these qualities. Professional personnel selection also requires professional tools. SUITS.Diagnostics offers various forms of psychological aptitude testing. These include personality questionnaires, performance and intelligence tests that meet the psychological quality criteria to a high degree. All tests and questionnaires are online and available in more than 10 languages.





The personality profile integrated free of charge into our selection process is based on the Cut-e shapes test. The profile, which is based on self-descriptions, provides information on possible behavioural tendencies in a professional context and thus lends valuable extra support to the selection process.

We also offer a modular testing programme that we optionally include in our process – tailored to the specific job requirements.

We can currently examine the following areas of competence for you:

  • Cognitive Skills: Captures performance in dealing with language and numbers.
  • Language skills: Covers language proficiency, vocabulary and spelling. Available in English and German.
  • Creativity: captures the ability to perform creatively and produce ideas.
  • Values, motives, interests: Collects 18 occupational dimensions with regard to personal goals, social relationships and environment.
  • Leadership behaviour and potential: Collects 18 dimensions, on the basis of which a highly differentiated competence and personality profile is created.






Do you want to systematically evaluate the motivation and potential of your managers? Are you planning a competence model for your company and would like to place your talent management on an objective foundation? Do you want to structure application procedures more efficiently? Would you like to initiate an internal benchmarking to raise the performance of your organization to a new level? The comprehensive Management Assessment from SUITS. will help you achieve this.

Among other things, we use the internationally recognized OPQ32 measurement method. The personality of the participants as well as the critical cognitive abilities, verbal and linguistic thinking are recorded. Depending on the task at hand, we supplement the test with a structured interview by experienced consultants that focuses on the specific competencies you have previously defined. The procedures meet the psychological quality criteria (validity, reliability, objectivity) and are designed in accordance with DIN 33430. Our clients receive a detailed psychogram of the participant. The participants receive personal feedback on their results.


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