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SUITS.@Armedangels: Make a difference

Martin Höfeler’s mission for more sustainability in the fashion business

Martin Höfeler wanted to do everything differently back then. Better. He wanted to establish a slow fashion label that would not harm the environment or people. One of the greatest challenges he has ever faced. Because the clothing industry is one of the dirtiest on our planet. Höfeler shared his views at the SUITS. Salon in front of more than 40 guests from the fashion industry, Höfeler reported on his inspiring journey in search for more sustainability.

13 years ago Höfeler and his friend Anton Jurina founded the fashion label Armedangels with no less goal than to revolutionize the fashion world. They wanted to make cool organic streetwear. They wanted to get out of the boring eco corner with fair products. They wanted to show that there was another way. And they did it. Today Armedangels has arrived in the mainstream and is one of the most successful eco-fashion labels in Germany.

Höfeler, who has continued the company without his friend Anton since 2012, talks about the beginnings of the brand. He quickly realized the big difference that even small things can make in production. He is concerned with the questions of how much emissions are produced during production, whether chemicals are used, how much water is consumed, what working conditions prevail, how much land is used and how much waste is produced. It is a question of justice.

The fashion industry is large and growing rapidly. Cheap goods, mass products, throw-away products. Fast fashion can be a catastrophe for the environment, but also for people. And because that’s how it is, Höfeler believes, the fashion industry could also make the difference in the future. If only it would. By assuming responsibility and thus having the greatest possible impact on our planet and for future generations.

If Eco and Fair were finally established as the fashion standard and if this would have led to a change in people’s purchasing behaviour, then Martin Höfeler would perhaps have really revolutionised the fashion world a little bit.