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If I had time today

….then I would be talking about the home office.

…..about an emergency solution that in many cases worked more poorly than it should have in the exceptional historical situation of a global pandemic, which quite a few people now want to make the norm.

…..about the cost-driving challenge for companies to enable decentralized work while maintaining a central infrastructure. And HR professionals who have to mutate into entertainers in the employer branding circus and organize events that are usually only attended by those who are already in the office.

…..and the much-described digital transformation of the world of work, which ignores the fact that despite all the progress made, there are activities that cannot be performed permanently from home. And the unprofessional attitude of supposed professionals who don’t want to see that.

…..and the lack of ambition of many junior employees who put their own well-being above a task and do not see that dependent work can also create purpose. And who – instead of developing personally through a career – prefer to strive for a work-life balance that tends to lead to a work-life mix in the distracting reality of their own home.

…..above the decreasing identification of many employees with “their” company, which fails to recognize that, conversely, employers also feel less committed to them if people hardly know each other or only from their computer screens. And the lack of foresight that organizations forced to decentralize today will prefer to work tomorrow with the cheap specialist in Bangalore rather than with the 6,000-euro employee in the Lisbon hipster café. Or have the work done by an AI right away.

…..above the as yet incalculable effects that decentralized work will have on creative processes, the culture and innovative strength of companies and thus on their competitiveness in the long term. Not to mention the consequences that working exclusively at media interfaces has for the individual satisfaction and personal happiness of employees.

….., a welcome increase in autonomy and flexibility, from which – properly dosed and responsibly handled – all sides can benefit. And a corporate loosening exercise that has paved the way for ideas like the four-day week and part-time for executives.

But unfortunately I don’t have time today….