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SUITS.@Armedangels: Laura Dekker has fulfilled her dream

At the age of 14 all around the world

Laura Dekker had a dream. When she was 14. Not a normal dream, like other girls her age. She wanted to travel 27,000 miles alone, across three oceans with her eleven and a half meter long sailing boat “GUPPY”. All around the world. And because Laura Dekker is a person who doesn’t wait for his dreams to come true, she set sail and became the youngest solo circumnavigator in the world.

She received a lot of criticism before it started. No one believed her, many smiled at her plan. She was much too young, did not have enough money. There was even a ban of the child protection authority and various court decisions. Again and again stones were put in her way. But Laura stuck to her dream.

She was on the road for 366 days. It was the journey of her life. So she reported on the 3rd SUITS. Salon about the people she met on her tour and who showed her how luck works. How little one needs to lead a fulfilled life. That consumerism is the wrong way. And she told of the unique nature, the power of the seas, the beauty of the sea animals and how plastic and waste have become a visible, destructive problem.

The stories Laura Dekker told belong to her. But they meet us because we find ourselves in them. The textile industry has a shocking environmental balance. But is there anything we can do about it?

Laura Dekker has the answer. It’s the same one she gave herself at the age of 14 before her great journey: If you have a dream, don’t let them tell you you can’t!